QiLaser guided stem cell therapy offers an advancement in stem cell therapy.  In a three step process, stem cells from almost any source and preparation method can be greatly amplified in their efficiency.

  1. 001The first step is to tune the laser to the desired stem cell application.
  2. The second step is to treat the stem cells with the QiLaser so that the stem cells are activated outside the body. This allows them to be more easily directed for their intended purpose.
  3. In the third step the QiLaser is used to guide the stem cells to a specific location in the body. The QiLaser penetrates deeply and accurately through tissue, providing a homing signature that directs the stem cells to concentrate where they are needed. The basic instruction given to the stem cells is “go there and stay there and repair there.” Once connected, cell to cell communication in tissue directs the cells what to become and how to integrate in the tissue.