QiLaser Clinical study: 50% improvement in cardiac function

Ninety-day clinical data from a proof of concept study using the QiLaser guided stem cells to treat ten patients with severe, chronic heart damage showed improvement of 9.75% over 90 days, which represents a nearly 50% improvement in cardiac function.

In cases of severe, chronic heart failure, few definitive treatment options are available other than heart transplant. These results were better and faster using only a simple IV infusion to deliver the stem cells from cord blood along with QiLaser activation. The following chart shows the baseline and 90‑day ejection fraction for each of the 10 patients in the proof of concept study.


If a patient can receive a laser guided stem cell treatment for $15,000—instead of a $300,000 Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVA) or a $1,000,000 heart transplant—the patient’s quality of life will be improved, morbidity will be reduced, and the healthcare industry will experience vast savings.